About Us

Hainan Shaoye is the first restaurant to offer authentic, high quality Singaporean style chicken rice in Hong Kong. From the chillies and limes used in our pungent chilli sauce to the lemongrass and pandan leaves in our chicken rice, we strive to use the freshest and best ingredients in all our dishes.

Apart from our famous chicken rice, Hainan Shaoye also serves authentic Singaporean, Malaysian and unique Chinese dishes such as Char Kway Teow, Bak Kut Teh and Black Truffle Egg Tofu.

All our restaurants are designed upon the foundation of being inside a Shaoye's home. We want our customer to be able to enjoy their meal in a cosy, elegant and comfortable environment.

Our Philosophy

At Hainan Shaoye, food always comes first. We insist on using the best ingredients as part of our responsibility to customers. We understand that first and foremost customers want to satisfy their palate and we have made this our top priority. At Hainan Shaoye, we respect traditional recipes and we strive to maintain a dishes original taste.

At Hainan Shaoye, we always put the customer's needs first. Our service philosophy is to meet our customers' expectations before they have even expressed them.

Our Goal

Our goal at Hainan Shaoye is to provide the highest level of food and service to our customers, whilst keeping prices friendly and affordable. We hope that all our customers will enjoy the 'Shaoye' experience.